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Get 2 to 6 months extra time to pay your loans. The video and link below have more information. For this service charges you a small fee.


Why should you apply soon?

The President of Sri Lanka and the Government of Sri Lanka have provided Rs. 50 Billion for this relief facility. Companies can use this for Working Capital Loans. Many companies are expected to utilise this credit line for their requests which means the amount of funds available for everyone reduces quickly. There are many people who are also eligible who have already applied for the Loan Relief and for you to be eligible you should send your letter to the Banks/ Leasing Companies quickly.

Leasing for Self-Employed Vehicle Operators

Self-Employed Vehicle Operators including Three wheelers, School Vans, Lorries, Small Goods-Transport Vehicles (like Small Lorries and Dual Purpose Vehicles), Buses, Taxi Operators, Motor Bikes.

6 month Lease Moratorium if the vehicle is operated as one for hire by the owner.

Non-Executive Staff

Non-Executive Staff may apply for Loan Reliefs for one or many Personal Loans.

2 months relief on all Personal Loans.

All Loans and Leases under Rs. 1 Million

Relief on all Loans and Leases under Rs. 1 Million for 3 months.

Public Sector Staff

Relief on all Loans and Leases under Rs. 1 Million for 3 months.

Self-Employed business owners/ individuals in Affected Industries

Possibility of a <b>6 month Loan/ Lease Moratorium on all facilities</b>. You can send a request letter for each type of facility separately.

More Information on how a Moratorium Works

To understand more on Loan Reliefs please click here →

Banks allow email Moratorium Request Letters

Some banks have already set up email addresses for you to send in Loan Relief Requests.


Start preparing you Loan Relief letter


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